ASAE targets Algarve rentals


About one third of the Algarve rentals which fall under the ‘local lodging’, or ‘alojamento local’, regime are operating illegally and fail to comply with the minimum standards of hygiene and safety required by law, according to the ASAE, the official body responsible for inspecting these accommodation units.

Some time back we talked about how the ASAE announced that they’ll be taking serious actions against this type of illegal holiday lets, heavy fines for those who fail to comply with the law.

The entire country has seen several inspection actions taking place, and obviously the Algarve has been by far the main target considering the fact that the region sports thousands of holiday homes which are in high demand at this period of the year.

The aim of the inspections is to clamp down on privately owned rooms or villas that are being let without being licensed under the Alojamento Local regime.

During last year, a total of 103 inspections took place and in 35 of them, infractions were detected. So far in 2013, 78 inspections have taken place and 26 infractions recorded, so this means that one-third of the rentals are illegal. Keep in mind though that only half of the summer season has gone in the Algarve, so more inspections are expected to take place before the end of this year’s season.

ASAE mentioned that the inspections are both ‘reactive’ and ‘proactive’, which means that they are carried out both from an annual programme of actions as well as a result of investigations, complaints and denunciations.

The most common problem found by ASAE inspectors is the non compliance with minimum hygiene and safety standards.

The law which governs the ‘Alojamento Local’ lists a series of requirements which these establishments must comply with.