4×4 Algarve tours

4x4 algarve tour

One unique way of experiencing the Algarve is with the help of 4×4 Algarve tours. That might seem weird at first glance because for the majority of people the Algarve is characterized by its wonderfully long and soft golden beaches, and for most of visitors, their visit never amounts to more than just lounging around their hotel and the closest beach. And there absolutely nothing wrong with that, but the thing is that there is so much more to the Algarve than some of the best beaches in Europe.

Just outside the major resorts and only slightly beyond the long swaths of beach, the Algarve is quite a different experience, it’s a place of off beaten tracks, rough dirt-roads and a very raw and rugged beauty.

What 4×4 Algarve tours do for you is to create an unforgettable experience by mixing the adrenaline rush of driving in an open top four-wheel drive car on rough roads, with exploring some of the most beautiful places in the Algarve, that are not seen by most visitors.

Safety is taken very seriously on these tours, so they will start with a rundown of safety procedures as well as an explanation of the vehicles that you will be driving – that’s right, you will be the one driving, this isn’t a safari in which you’re chauffeured around, this is a very direct experience. Then you will be trained in a series of driving techniques that you will need to master in order to navigate the many challenging terrain types that you will encounter during such a tour.

This type of experience is for any age and type of vacationer, young or old, on your own or with family and friends, this is one unique way of spending a day in the Algarve, you could do much worse than this.

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