Britons have already booked their 2014 holidays

Algarve 2014 holidays

One of the United Kingdom’s leading discount websites has found that a bit under a fifth of Britons have already booked their 2014 holidays, that’s right, not 2013, 2014. Now if that isn’t strange enough, the explanation that about a third of those who have already booked gave for their choice, was so that they could avoid spending the money on something else.

The overarching goal for conducting this study was to get a better understanding of how Brits organize and prepare themselves financially for their holiday plans. The study polled well over a thousand three hundred men and women aged over 18, by asking them whether or not they’re planning to go on holiday in 2014, and 86 percent of them answered in the affirmative.

When the question about whether or not they have already booked their 2014 holiday, eighteen percent of them answered that they did.

Then going to the reason behind their decision to book so far in advance, thirty-eight percent said that they wanted to save money so they chose to book earlier because it was cheaper, while nineteen percent said that they wouldn’t be going on holiday in 2013, so they’re going to make the most of 2014.

Thirty-two percent claimed that they’ve already booked in order to avoid spending that money on something else whilst nine percent said that they always book their holidays at least a year in advance.

One other interesting statistic is that fifty-three percent of those who have booked because it was cheaper, already have at least one child, while sixty-three percent of those who booked early to avoid spending money on something else, have no children.

More importantly though, more than half of those who have already booked a trip for 2014, fifty-seven percent, have already started saving money for their trip.

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