The Algarve is great for self-catering vacationers

The Algarve is great for self-catering

According to a recent survey from the Post Office Travel Money, self-catering vacationers who will choose the Algarve as their destination for their holiday can cut their spending costs by more than half, when you compare it to other warm European destinations such as Cyprus.

These savings are there only for those who like to self-cater, and considering the tough economic times, more and more people are considering it as more than just a viable option, considering the difference in costs that it implies.

The Algarve is amongst the top spots for cheapest self-catering holiday destinations in Europe, so let’s take a closer look and see what that actually means.

The study looked at the cost of twenty supermarket-bought essential items that a family of four would most likely need to purchase while on their holiday. In the Algarve that shopping basket came to 57.78 British pounds, with just 0.09 pounds more than the absolute cheapest destination, Mallorca.

These same items would cost you considerably more in other European destinations, and we’ll continue with the Cyprus example, in Limassol it would cost you 104.29 British pounds.

The survey also looked into the price of cheese and found that the cheese in Portugal was less than half price that of Cyrpus and pizza in Italy will cost you twice as much as it would in the Algarve.

One would consider that self-catering will considerably reduce the costs of their holiday by default, and that is true, however as we’ve showed earlier, those same costs can also be drastically reduced depending on where exactly you are going. Apparently Mallorca and Portugal offer the best value options for self-catering tourists, while Greece is considerably more expensive.

This characteristic of the Algarve extends to dining out as well, even in that category it is amongst the cheapest places to dine out while on holiday.

So you should keep this in mind when you’re considering your next trip, and also consider that you can visit as much of the Algarve as you wish with some Algarve car hire services.