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Algarve golf region takes UK magazine top award


Today’s Golfer – the UK golfing magazine – has yet again named the Algarve golf region as being the number one value-for-money European golfing destination and truthfully speaking now this should not come as a surprise to no one.

This is the second time running that the Algarve golf region gets the top spot, ahead of Turkey and Murcia, getting forty-three percent of the votes. On the whole the Algarve was also the one to get the most awards – six in total.

Albufeira guide

Albufeira Beach

The town of Albufeira is one of the Algarve’s most well known resort towns. Like many other destinations in this sun drenched and sea kissed part of the coast, Albufeira started its life as nothing more but a small fishing village, only developing into a major tourist destination relatively recently.

Many holidaymakers return to Albufeira city Portugal when they’re looking for a specific type of atmosphere which mixes great climate, lovely beaches and a plethora of eating establishments.

The Algarve – a great holiday destination

Algarve Beach

The Algarve has something for every type of tourist

The Algarve region of Portugal is considered by many to be the perfect holiday destination thanks to its great mix of characteristics. The Algarve has absolutely wonderful weather, modern amenities which make for a truly luxurious holiday experience, it is very family-oriented but it also offers a vibrant nightlife, great opportunities for practicing sports and other outdoor activities and last but not least, great food.