The Algarve – a great holiday destination

Algarve Beach

The Algarve has something for every type of tourist

The Algarve region of Portugal is considered by many to be the perfect holiday destination thanks to its great mix of characteristics. The Algarve has absolutely wonderful weather, modern amenities which make for a truly luxurious holiday experience, it is very family-oriented but it also offers a vibrant nightlife, great opportunities for practicing sports and other outdoor activities and last but not least, great food.

The Algarve packs a lot of fun for young and old alike

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Algarve Beach

The way in which this happens is thanks to the size of the region itself, a bit over two thousand square miles, and directly linked to this the number of various resorts, villages and cities that dot its coastline and landscape.

As mentioned earlier, the reason why the Algarve is such a popular tourist destination is due to a combination of factors, main among these factors being the weather, however its location in Europe helps as well since it is reachable from most any spot in Europe in more or less three hours by plane.

Also, once you get there, regardless which airport in the region you touch down at, you are only a couple of minutes away from your accommodations by car, and whether you choose to rent a car while there or to employ some airport transfer services, they will all prove to be very good value for money.

The truth of the matter is that many people visit the Algarve because it offers such a wide variety of attractions, starting with the great weather – over three thousand hours of sunshine per year – continuing with the almost two hundred kilometers of great, clean beaches – which themselves can be categorized further – and of course you have to add to these the unique culture and history of the region, the great food and last but not least, the amazing golfing opportunities the region offers.

While the Algarve is a warm and sunny place for most of its visitors, for a serious percentage of those it is one of the premiere spots on the globe for their sport of choice, golf.

There are over thirty world-class golf courses that can be found in the region, most of them not more than a quarter of an hour’s drive from a main resort or city. In fact golfing is so huge in the region that you can employ special golf transfer services to take you to and from specific golf courses throughout the day, not to mention the services which allow you to rent golf clubs for your stay. And make no mistake about it, any golf enthusiast you will need these types of Algarve transfer services because there are so many courses to try out, you will not be satisfied with just the few that are in close proximity to your accommodation.

The great thing about the Algarve is that it is not just about one or two things, it’s not just about the golf, or the sunny weather, or the great beaches, it is about all those things together and much more that makes it such a popular holiday destination with people of all ages and interests.

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