The best events in the Algarve this April 2016

The best events in the Algarve this April 2016

It’s spring already, so ever since Easter, people are already starting to crowd the resorts by the Portuguese Atlantic coast in search of sun and warmth and relaxation. For those who are seeking more even entertainment from their Portuguese seaside vacation, we were thinking it might be good to discuss a few of the best events in the Algarve this April 2016. Have them in mind if you are traveling to the Algarve the coming month!

So the end of March marks Easter and officially opens the seaside season in the Algarve. Many people find the greatest spring celebration to be an excellent opportunity to travel to Portugal. So what does April have in store for us?

Do you want to build a sand castle? Then come to the Algarve! FIESA, the 14th edition of the International Sand Sculpture Exhibition opened on March 10th 2016 and will remain open until the end of October. This is the greatest sand sculpture show ever to have been created. Set in Pera, it attracts thousands of people worldwide and enchants children and adults alike. The ticket is only 9 EUR and believe me, it’ll be worth it.

2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the Zoomarine. It is an amazing adventure aqua-park, one that you should visit this year, either you are traveling with your family, friends or your better half.

April 25th is reason for celebration and colorful fireworks, as Portugal celebrates Liberation Day. It is a bank holiday marking the military intervention in 1974 which removed ruler Marcello Caetano from power. The Portuguese go out, go shopping or just relax on this occasion and there are some festivities held as well.

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