Albufeira increases beach season duration


It appears that Albufeira increases beach season duration in their try to minimize the effects of seasonality.

We tend to talk quite a bit about the idea of seasonality on this blog, and in relation to it about the various hardships that the region of the Algarve has been going through in the past couple of years. Economic downturns influence pretty much any industry, with some being more affected than others, and it is a widely known fact that tourism is one of the industries that gets hit the worst.

It’s rather easy to understand, holiday spending, or simply going on a trip is seen as a luxury during economic woes, it’s a bit of a special event even in the best of times, people planning and saving money for their trip for the whole year. During such a general economic downturn, tourism suffers all-around, and since the Algarve’s main source of income is tourism it’s easy to understand that they have a valid interest in making themselves as appealing as possible.

In such an effort, Albufeira Mayor Joao Carlos Rolo said that the measure to increase the beach season is hoped to reduce the effect of seasonality while also boosting the regional economy somewhat. He continued to note that thanks to Albufeira’s particularities and conditions, they can make the most of their beach season.

The first official day of the new beach season in Albufeira has been set on the eighteenth of May, after a meeting between the Council, the regional Algarve Hydrographical Board and the captain of the Portimao port.

In the mayor’s opinion, the new increased season – which will now end on the 20th of October – is mean to reaffirm that the county is a place of reference even between other Algarve destinations.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the results of this move will be towards the end of 2013.