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Bordeira guide


This Bordeira guide has to start with the mention that this is not the same place as Bordeira nr Sao bras Alportel, this is a small village in the western Algarve known for a huge beach with sand dunes which is very popular with surfers.

Things to do in the Algarve: Surfing school


Going to Surfing school may not be the first thing that pops to mind when one plans a trip to the Algarve, but it’s definitely a consideration for the more adventurous thrill-seekers, who love to ride the waves.

Especially the South-Western corner of the Algarve is very popular with surfing enthusiasts from Europe and all across the world, because it is very similar to surfing a peninsula. The over twenty beaches in the region are all within maximum a half an hour drive of each other or your accommodation and they feature reefs, points, bowling beach breaks, not to mention warm blue waters.

Aljezur guide

Aljezur Portugal - Armoreira Beach - Aljezur guide

The municipality of Aljezur is located on the western coast of the Algarve, and features a total population of a bit over five thousand inhabitants. It gets its name from the Arabic word “Aljuzur” which is the plural for island, and is composed of four parishes. Being part of the larger Faro District it is quite possible that you may have contact with the region on your trip to the Algarve.

The aforementioned parishes, are more like very small towns, with very small populations, the parishes are Aljezur, Bordeira, Odoceixe and Rogil.

Due to the size of Aljezur city Portugal, this nice hillside town has not been tremendously affected by the mass tourism developments specific to most of the western coast of the Algarve.