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Algarve history travel guide 3

algarve history travel guide

Continuing our Algarve history travel guide we’ll head to the small and quirky town of Olhao where two of its oldest quarters feature some very exotic white cubist housing, quite unique in Europe. Similar dwellings can be found in North Africa, however the ones in Portugal feature some unusual modifications in the form of verandas and roof terraces.

Albufeira guide

Albufeira Beach

The town of Albufeira is one of the Algarve’s most well known resort towns. Like many other destinations in this sun drenched and sea kissed part of the coast, Albufeira started its life as nothing more but a small fishing village, only developing into a major tourist destination relatively recently.

Many holidaymakers return to Albufeira city Portugal when they’re looking for a specific type of atmosphere which mixes great climate, lovely beaches and a plethora of eating establishments.