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Discover Algarve’s enchanting locations!


Welcome to Algarve, one of the most attractive sunny places from Portugal, adorned with lovely hot sands, crystal clear waters and amazing vibrating atmosphere!
Blessed with a marvelous coastline and some of the country’s loveliest beaches, the province enjoys hot dry summers and short mild winters. Warm sea temperatures and gentle winds add to its allure.

The Algarve coastline is planned to get a facelift


Even though there’s been this constant mantra-like line going about the Algarve in recent times of “there is no money”, it appears that the Algarve coastline is set to receive a major 5.4 million Euro face-lift as part of a whopping 200 million Euro that will be spent on the entire country’s coastline.

Algarve as a winter destination

algarve as a winter destination

Not many people consider the Algarve as a winter destination, and that’s a very simple mistake to be made, after all the Algarve is great in the summer right?

Well while in the summer its high temperatures and warm waters definitely attract the most of its visitors, one should also be aware that during the winter season, while most of Europe is encased in rain, snow or ice, or all of them, the Algarve is still wonderfully sunny.