Kids’ Halloween in Quinta do Lago

Kids’ Halloween in Quinta do Lago

A feast of the dead, the night when the gates between worlds open and skeletons and zombies, mummies and werewolves are allowed to come lurking on Earth… or a thrilling, much anticipated party for the little ones, as people are getting ready for kids’ Halloween in Quinta do Lago.

The wait is almost over: sweets and fun and lots of “scary” activities are in store for the kids in the Algarve. The Quinta Shopping in Quinta do Lago from 3 PM on October 31st the “Dia das Bruxas” (“Witches’ Day”), with music, sweets, activities and lots of animation for the little ones. Th restaurants, bars and shops in the Mall are going to offer special surprises to children of all ages. (Maybe if, as adults, we come dressed as children, we may trick them and get a treat? Worth a try!).

The initiative (the Kids’ Halloween in Quinta do Lago) is supported by the ACCA – Associacao de Criancas Carenciadas do Algarve. Once again, the Portuguese show their love for children and their openness to embrace the Occidental.

Derived from the Celtic pagan celebration of Samhain, Halloween (also known across the world and was identified with All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints’ Eve) used to be an isolated celebration in the British Isles. It later became Christianised, but it only gained worldwide popularity in the 19th century, when the Irish immigrated to America. Sure, the old colonists who came to the New World in the 17th century brought the “Feast of All Saints”, but the preponderant Puritans were strongly opposed to the pagan celebration.

Following the trends of globalization/ Americanization, Halloween nowadays has come to be a “commercial” holiday and of course, very popular among the young generation. Kids all around the world celebrate their national variant of Halloween by dressing up and asking for candy with the famous formula: “Trick or treat!”

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