Discover the Algarve in the moonlight

Discover the Algarve in the moonlight

In recent years, Portugal has gained much prominence in the tourist world, particularly due to its Algarve region, the most hyped seaside destination. Everybody who has been on the Portuguese shore wants to return there again and again, but imagine what it would be like to discover the Algarve in the moonlight.

Starlit walks through the cultural region of Portimao is just what the Municipality has thought of as a way to celebrate the coming of summer. And not just any walks, but cultural routes along the city of Portimao and Alvor, preservers of a vast and varied cultural heritage.

The Algarve is a region where Europe and the Orient blend in an architectural mixture of beauty and eclectic style. Although the Algarve was reconquered by the Portuguese Crown centuries ago, the Islamic legacy is still present in culture, cuisine and mainly in the millenary architecture that still stands tall.

For Alvor, the organized walks have been scheduled to take place on June 19th and August 21st. The meeting place is… romantic, if a bit creepy: near the local cemetery, at 9 in the evening. Places like the hermitage of Sao Pedro, the church, castle and the Ethnographic Museum are counted among the points of interest in the itinerary.

In Portimao, the walk will take place on July 17th, also starting at 9 in the evening at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Square. Here, the itinerary includes walks through the Manuel Teixeira Gomes House, the Bivar Gardens and the square of the Town Hall.

The awesome thing about these walks is that they are entirely free. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can just turn up and tag along, because places are limited so your presence must be previously confirmed.
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