Vilamoura on horseback

Vilamoura on horseback

When talking about the Algarve, one usually think of sandy beaches and fun in the sun – for 300 endless days of sunshine and mild weather. But the city of Vilamoura in the Algarve is about to show you it can offer so much more.

Vilamoura is one of the “corners” of the Algarve Golden Triangle. Once a small Roman harbor, the resort of Vilamoura came into existence in the second half of the 20th century when Portuguese banker Cupertino de Miranda started constructions here in 1966.

In terms of facilities, Vilamoura offers 6 internationally acclaimed golf courses, since the Algarve is an excellent golfing destination. Those who come to Faro or Vilamoura to play golf can hire golf clubs in Faro airport, book an Algarve golf transfer or rent a car in Lagos or Vilamoura to move about the region.

Vilamoura also houses a lawn bowling club, a shooting club, a tennis center and, of course, a general Sports Club. Among the numerous 5-star hotels, self-catering villas and apartments, restaurants, bars and clubs, Vilamoura also boasts a great Riding School.

The Vilamoura Hippodrome is an excellent venue for horseback riders and enthusiasts of the sport to come and learn how to ride or attend the contests organized here. Just last weekend, the Grande Premio CSI3 was won by Celine Schoonbroodt de Azevedo. The rider managed to jump all the obstacles excellently and performed impeccably, in harmony with her trusted horse.

More contests are in store for the remaining weeks of March during the last part of the 2015 Vilamoura Atlantic Tour. If you are in Portugal during this time, it is worth visiting Vilamoura for the history, the Atlantic Ocean, the cuisine and the people, as well as for all the activities you can choose to opt for during your stay here.