Alicante – best holiday destination in Spain


Alicante is one of the best travel destinations in Spain

The Spanish city of Alicante is probably one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, mostly due to it being a very popular tourist destination seeing not only lots of visitors from within its own borders but also quite a lot from the rest of Europe.

Enjoy the sun, sea and sand in Alicante

Alicante has something for everybody

Alicante is indeed a very popular tourist destination, however it should also be noted that it is also a historic Mediterranean port city as well, and as such it is also a commercial town with services and public administration playing an important role in its economy.

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Alicante is endowed with great weather and some of the best beaches in the world, the beaches of the Costa Blanca, however it is also an important wine producer as well, the region being known for growing the Moscatel and Monastrell grape varieties.

The area in and around the city of Alicante has been inhabited by many thousands of years and the first fortified settlement came about in the 3rd century BC during the wars between Carthage and Rome.

Since that moment, the settlement continued to expand regardless of the leadership of the region which changed hands quite a few times in the following millennia. However the city couldn’t have maintained its status and continue to develop if it didn’t constantly change and adapt itself to the economic realities of any particular era.

For instance, a relatively recent example of this is how the port of Alicante transformed itself into on of the most important cruise ports in the country after most of its mercantile traffic was attracted by the nearby Valencia harbor.

Due to it being a port city one has to assume that it also has access to a certain amount of beach area, and that assumption would be rather correct. Alicante actually has a beach located at the center of the city, it is called Postiguet Beach and while popular during the day, once night falls it all becomes a bit of a surreal sight as it is illuminated by sodium street lights. That’s just one example of course, a little bit farther away you’ll find the San Juan Beach which is seven kilometers long and is considered to be one of the best in the country.

However Alicante offers much more to its visitors than just great beaches, in fact it features quite a few great attractions starting with the Castle of Santa Barbara, one of the largest medieval fortresses in the country. The fortification was built in the 9th century by the Moorish conquerors of the region, another similar attraction albeit more recent is the Castle of San Fernando which is located on Tossal Hill. Some other sights that you may be interested in visiting are the Concatedral de San Nicolas de Bari and the Baroque-style Casa de La Asegurada.

Depending on your goal when visiting the city you can either rent a car in Alicante or make use of some Alicante transfer services in order to get from the airport to your accommodations or anywhere else around the region, rest assured that you will not regret the flexibility of having a car at your disposal during your stay there.

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