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The Algarve is a world renowned travel destination being one of the top European destinations for those individuals who are looking for the warmth of summer all year long. This region of southern Portugal is popular due to many features, one of them being the great weather of course, but this is compounded by the over two hundred kilometers of clean beaches, clear water and not to mention a very diverse culture and heritage.

The region is also very diverse when it comes to the attractions that it offers its visitors, whether you are looking for a calm and tranquil holiday resort on the ocean coast or you are more interested in the idea of partying and the nightlife, you can find either of those option in the Algarve, as well as everything in between and more.

Those individuals who are into outdoor-type activities will be glad to know that the region has other geographical features besides white sandy beaches, it has coves, capes, cliffs, mountains and valleys, and many, many hiking trails, so whether you prefer to trek on foot, via bike, or with the aid of some type of motorized vehicle the Algarve will not disappoint.

Now if you thought those were enough reasons for most people to start seriously considering the Algarve as their next travel destination here is another reason that will absolutely clinch the deal for some of those yet to decide. The Algarve is the premiere golfing destination in Europe and arguably in the world, featuring over thirty world class golf courses, all of them within an easy one or two hour drive from any of the main resorts, no golf enthusiast will want to miss this opportunity.

These are only a short description of what the Algarve has to offer in regards to tourism potential, they only scratch the surface as it were and we haven’t talked at all about the diverse culture of the region, its interesting history, or the various places that you can visit while on your trip there. Not to mention the great and varied local culinary options that are available in any city, resort or village that you might find yourself visiting during meal time.

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Algarve Beach

As mentioned earlier the region is a very popular tourist destination, in fact its population tends to triple during the peak of the holiday season, receiving up to seven million foreign tourists during this period and up to three million Portugal residents, so it is indeed a popular and depending on your choice of resort it could be rather crowded during this period. Of course some people enjoy it but even in this case you will want to book your accommodations earlier in the year so as to make sure that they will be available and not as expensive as they would be during the peak time.

The same advices would also apply if you are planning to use some Algarve car hire services while on your trip there, booking in advance will pretty much assure that you’ll have the type of car that you need available for you during your stay.

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