Faro tourist attractions

Faro tourist attractions

We’ve talked in general about Faro a while back, but today we’ll focus a bit more on some of the many Faro tourist attractions that you can enjoy while on your trip there.

One of the best starting places for a tour of the entire city is in fact an attraction in itself, the Praca de Dom Francisco Gomes features an obelisk erected in 1910 which commemorates the diplomat Ferreira d’Almeida, an important figure in Faro’s history.

From there, those looking for some peace and quiet can enjoy the Jardim Manuel Bivar, a garden featuring wonderful flower beds, tall palms and jacaranda trees. On the east side of the park you can see the Igreja de Misericordia, a 14th century church.

Beyond the Jardim, you can see the Arco da Vila, which is an arched gateway, surmounted by a bell tower and a statue of Faro’s patron saint, St. Thomas Aquinus. Through the gateway you’ll see the very attractive historical centre of Faro.

The historical centre of Faro is dominated by the Cathedral, which saw most of its original Gothic look destroyed by the 1755 earthquake, however the tower and south window still remain from the initial building. It was of course later rebuilt and renovated and it now features elements of Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque architecture.

The interior is very quiet and reminiscent of a basilica, definitely a must-see for those who have a thing for religious buildings.

Then there’s the Largo Se, in the square in front of the cathedral, you can see the town hall and the Bishop’s Palace.

A bit to the south of the Cathedral, on the Praca Afonso III, you’ll find the Archaeological Museum, which is housed in what used to be the convent of Nossa Senhora da Assuncao, founded in 1518.

These are still not all of the attractions in the city, but only a few, make sure you employ our Faro car hire services in order to see them and many more while on your trip there.