Estombar guide


Estombar is located in the district of Lagoa, very close to Portimao located south off the EN125 and our Estombar guide starts with telling you that the settlement gained town status in 1991 and that it features the nearby Rio Arade salt field which are very well prized in the Algarve.

The town is characterized by the Igreja Matriz which sits at top of the town with its twin bell towers, even though only one of them has bells in it. The main church is important more for the look of the twin bell towers, rather than it actually having bells in both of them. Also you can see the church from the road before you enter the town, so you can understand why the look is important.

The city features a great park with a children’s play area, and across the road of the park you can find the large indoor daily Municipal Market where you can find fresh fish, bread, fruit and vegetables. Going up towards the centre you’ll see many narrow streets, very typical of Algarvean towns.

The town centre features the main church that we talked about earlier, as well as a large cobbled square which offers some great panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. You can also find some good traditionally-decorated restaurants here and quite a few small bars with some outdoor terraces just off the church square.

The town also features a very well-known vineyard, Quinta dos Vales, a successful vineyard which produces award-winning wines which is owned by the artist and businessman Karl Heinz Stock – the vineyard is open to the public. You can also see life-size works from the artists here as well.

Just a bit further away you can find a well-known Donkey Sanctuary that offers housing to many unwanted pets.

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