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What to do in the Algarve this August 2018 – Part 1


Portugal is one of the most welcoming countries I have ever visited and I think any summer can shine happier if you take at least a week or two to visit the sunny shores of the southern side of the country. With this in mind, I set out in search of a few of the most exciting events to brighten your days there. What to do in the Algarve this August 2018? Here are a few ideas:

What events are expected in June 2018 in Algarve?

algarve (1)

What events are expected in June 2018 in Algarve? Here is a question that has been haunting our days of late, because summer is here and we are so eager to get the fun started, to go to the beach already and to enjoy another amazing vacation by the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Algarve events are simply the best!


The Algarve is the lovely southern coastline of Portugal, filled with hidden marvels, surrounded by stunning golden beaches, picturesque towns and a blessed climate, the perfect ingredients for an unforgettable holiday destination.

The Algarve holds the secret of a rich palette of places, starting from dazzling wide beaches, amazing relaxing places, admirable architecture and culminating with historic and cultural cities, sprinkled with history and charming stories.

Events in Algarve in November and December

The ABC’s of planning a successful trip to the Algarve

If you are planning to make a great trip in November/December to the wonderful Algarve you will definetely want to know this awesome events that are taking place here.

A romantic Valentine’s Day in Portugal – Part 3


From a romantic Valentine’s Day in Portugal we got to explore some of the most wonderful corners of this beautiful country. It might be interesting to remind that February is a pleasant month in Portugal.

While the rest of Europe still struggles with the cold and the snow, Lisbon and Porto and the ever sunny Algarve are already experiencing spring-like weather and a bright sun in the last month of winter. So if you are searching for a last-minute deal in a beautiful warm place in Europe to take your loved one on Lover’s Day, Portugal just might be the place for you.

A romantic Valentine’s Day in Portugal – Part 2


Dear lovers of flowers and heart-shaped boxes, as we prepare for the beautiful day when love seems to be more palpably than ever in in the air, let’s explore some more options for a romantic Valentine’s Day in Portugal – Part 2 is sure to bring us closer to finding the ultimate destination in your favorite country.