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Piri-piri chili – The spice of the Algarve


The Piri-piri chili is regarded as being a Portuguese specialty and that is true in the general sense of the word, it is in fact an Algarve specialty which means that you can always find it while visiting the Algarve.

But even though the piri-piri is almost synonymous with the regions’ chicken, shrimp and a plethora of other dishes, it’s interesting to note that it wasn’t indigenous to the region. The piri-piri chilli, as well as other sweet chillies were brought by Portuguese seafarers from the New World. It’s not well known where exactly the piri-piri came from but what matters is that it has been part of the region’s gastronomy for many hundreds of years by now.

Algarve festivals and events 1

Festa das Chouriças em Sao Luis

Algarve festivals and events aren’t necessarily what people tend to have in mind when they plan a trip to the Algarve. Frankly the great weather and plethora of activity and entertainment options are usually enough to convince most if not all potential travelers that the southern part of Portugal is the place to go, but we want to add a bit to that and tell you about some of the rather many Algarve festivals and events that you might want to attend while on your trip.

Religious destinations in the Algarve

The Shrine at Fatima

The Algarve is many things to many people, and while many people may be aware of the region thanks to its great weather and wonderful beaches, there are quite a few Algarve visitors out there who come to the region to visit one or more of the plethora of religious destinations and sacred sites, and we’ll talk a bit about some of them.

Albufeira guide

Albufeira Beach

The town of Albufeira is one of the Algarve’s most well known resort towns. Like many other destinations in this sun drenched and sea kissed part of the coast, Albufeira started its life as nothing more but a small fishing village, only developing into a major tourist destination relatively recently.

Many holidaymakers return to Albufeira city Portugal when they’re looking for a specific type of atmosphere which mixes great climate, lovely beaches and a plethora of eating establishments.