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Lagos guide

Lagos guide

Even if the city of Lagos Portugal is a small one, it is nonetheless one of the most popular of the Algarve resorts. Pronounced Lagoosh, the city is located at about an hour drive from Faro and can thus easily reached with the help of some Lagos transfer from Faro Airport services. Why you should go there is another matter, one which we’ll talk about starting now.

There are many things to see and do while in Lagos, however one of the main attractions is the ‘Old Town’. You’ll notice that pretty much every one of the Algarve cities, towns and resorts feature some type of ‘old town’ because this region has been inhabited for the longest of times, thanks to its wonderful characteristics having been kept relatively constant for the past two thousand years or so.

Lagos Travel Guide


Lagos, Portugal

The city of Lagos, Portugal has had a very long and chequered history. Thanks to its large natural harbour the area has been settled and inhabited for many thousands of years, starting with the Phoenicians, then the Carthaginians, then of course the Romans and following them the Moors. Due to its important geographical location and harbour it acted as the capital of the Algarve region for about two hundred years between the 16th and the 18th century until it was severely damaged during the 1755 earthquake which caused the government to move its seat to nearby Faro.