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Golden discovery in Sagres waters

Golden discovery in Sagres

We don’t talk enough about the wonderful diving opportunities that the Algarve coast has to offer diving enthusiasts, and today we’ll talk about one incredible golden discovery that some professional divers made off the coast of Sagres.

Divers from the Divers Cape centre in Sagres managed to trace the remains of a wreck that they believe to be the 17th century boat of Pedro Diaz. They also say that this wreck was varying gold when it was shipwrecked in the port of Baleeira, in 1608.

Algarve food and drink – the Algarve coast

Algarve food and drink

Algarve food and drink varies, as one might expect, from region to region, and there are three distinct culinary regions in the Algarve: there’s the coastal region, the plains of the “Barrocal” region and the hills.

Each region’s particular activities, such as fishing, livestock breeding and agriculture are quite possibly the most direct influence on what the local inhabitants eat and drink, and as such have allowed for the development of specific gastronomic tastes.

Algarve Bird Watching Festival

Birds Algarve

The month of October is dedicated to nature lovers and especially bird watchers of the Algarve, because the Algarve Bird Watching Festival takes place from October 5th-7th.

The annual festival is in its third year and takes place in the town of Sagres, in the Western Algarve and it acts as one more incentive to visit the Algarve coast, which already sports plenty of attractive features for tourists, from the year-round warm temperatures, the great beaches and beautiful scenery.