Did you know golf…


Did you know golf is one of the most popular sports in Portugal? In fact, the sunny shores of the southern part of the country are the some of the welcoming regions to play the sport and there are thousands of players from all over the world who flock to play some good old Algarve golf.

Here are some more general fun considerations about golf:

Did you know there are 18 holes in a typical, regular golf course? On the other hand, 336 dimples lay scattered around a normal golf ball! Cool, huh?

Did you know what a “triple bogye” is? If not, we’ll tell you: three shots on a hole over par. Golf has its own slang!

You might have also heard of a “birdie”. That one comes from American golfer Ab Smith who, while playing in 1899, coined the word “bird of a shot” – later to become “birdie”.

Did you know Celine Dion plays golf? She might be renowned for her unique, beautiful voice, but that doesn’t make her less of a golfer. Not only does she play golf, but Celine also owns a golf course in Quebec, Terrebonne.

Did you know that golf is an olympic sport? Yes, as of 2016, golf has been integrated in the Olympic Games competitions.

And now, back to your favorite place to play golf, a sunny, beautiful Portuguese realm called the Algarve:

Did you know you can get golf clubs from rental in Algarve? Those of you who have traveled by plane to play golf abroad know how tricky it can be to transport your own golf clubs. But fortunately there are services especially tailored for this purpose.

Besides, there are also transport options available, such as Algarve golf transfers, to take you to and from your golf course of choice.