The golf season in Algarve is on! – Part 2



The golf season in Algarve is on! Spring is probably the best time to practice golf: picture an endless green field surrounded by the blue waters of the Atlantic, the mild wind from the ocean gently caressing your face; and you bending over just a bit, focusing your attention on the white golf ball, ready to hit it with the perfectly chosen club.

Golf is more exciting and surprising, spectacular and interesting than you would imagine and, as we’d started saying last time, the sunny shore of southern Portugal provides some of the most exquisite golf courses in the world. They are all open and it is during spring that they welcome the most guests.

Spring is a good time to practice sports in Portugal. As an outdoors activity, golf is best practiced in good weather and with its more than 300 days of sun, Portugal is definitely the place to go for a warm and mild respite.

Here are also some of the best places to practice your favorite sport:

  • Albufeira, one of the most beautiful and welcoming resorts in the Algarve, awaits visitors galore every year. It is also, as it happens, one of the hottest golfing destinations, providing golf facilities at the highest levels. Here are just a few of the best courses in town: Pinta, Gramacho and the wonderful O’Connor. Albufeira is also a very pleasant place to visit, so you won’t get bored sightseeing and shopping here.
  • Faro, the capital city of the Algarve and a great economic hub in Portugal, also offers some of the best golfing facilities in the region and is, of course, conveniently situated being very close to the airport. With Faro golf transfers, you can get a car and driver to drive you from the city to the golf course of choice and back.