10 Places not to miss in Portimao – Part 1


Summer is here and it is the very best time to be in Portugal, by the ocean, drinking a cocktail and reading a good book on the rocky beaches. Today we give you 10 Places not to miss in Portimao, a city that in itself is not to be missed if you are ever in the sunny and shiny Algarve.

  1. Praia da Rocha is the most famous and transited beach in Portimao. It offers some of the most staggering views of the Atlantic Ocean, bordered by the dramatic cliffs that dominate the sea landscape of the Algarve.
  2. The Portimao Museum is an award-winning cultural establishment, one that harbors some of the most famous archeological relics in the entire Algarve. It is a destination not to miss. I know I, for one, never leave a town without visiting a museum, so this is my recommendation for the day.
  3. Canico Restaurant is a place to visit to satiate your hunger. You can enjoy the local delicacies in a wonderful ambient, surrounded by the wonderfully scenic landscapes of the sea (actually – never forget: the Atlantic Ocean)!
  4. TEMPO might mean “time” in Portuguese. But it also stands for Teatro Municipal de Portimão, the local theatre, where you can see some of the best reenactments of modern and classical plays alike.
  5. The best sightseeing spot in Portimao is the Portimao Marina. It is the place where everyone comes to take a picture (or a boat). It is also the place where old and young people alike can come to take their first surf lessons. And let’s not forget that Portugal is one of the best places where you can practice this sport

If you need a lift, you can rent a car in Portimao and the best thing is you will get a very good rate if you know where to look. (Start by looking online, actually).